Wizard BoosterAbsorbent Boosters

Increase the absorbency of any Mother ease cloth nappy for night and nap time. Simply lay booster inside and snap nappy shut.







These soft knit terry booster simply nestle in the Sandy’s™, Toddle-ease™, or Wizard nappies adding extra absorbency for nighttime or whenever needed.

Absorbent boosters are available in all our Fabric options including Unbleached or White Cotton, Stay Dry on Cotton, Organic Cotton or Bamboo Terry.

Available in two sizes, Small and Large. Small can be used with all nappies while large, is specially designed to fit the Large Sandy’s, Toddle-ease or Large Uno and Duo nappies

 Dimensions Absorbency
Small 12.7 x 30.4 cm (5″ x 12″) 177ml
Large 14 x 35.5cm (5.5” x 14”) 207 ml

Note: absorbent booster is only required after 6+ months of age for night and nap time use.








Snap in Booster for One Size Nappy

Snap-in Boosters give you three additional layers of knit terry that simply snaps into the One Size nappies when additional absorbency is required. These liners hold an extra 200 ml and are great for overnight use. Available in white and unbleached cotton, bamboo and 100% organic cotton fabric.

The Stay-dry version of the Snap-in Booster has an exclusive 100% polyester knit stay dry liner sewn to one side. This provides a stay dry barrier to keep baby drier and more comfortable. The Stay-dry Snap-in Booster is available only in unbleached cotton fabric.


Boosters Priced from $4.50