Wizard Duo – All in Two


The Leak-Free All-in-Two Cloth Solution

Simple, Economical, Leakproof… The Wizard Duo has it all!
Wizard Duo
The Wizard Duo Nappy consists of an absorbent Duo Nappy Insert and waterproof Duo Cover that snap together to make a One Step System. Once snapped together, the Wizard Duo becomes as easy to use as our Wizard Uno – All in One!

Once the absorbent Duo Insert becomes wet or soiled, simply unsnap and snap in a clean Duo Insert  to re-use the Duo Cover 3-4 times before laundering.


  • Absorbent inner cloth nappy
  • Waterproof nappy cover
  • Unique six-snap system to keep inner cloth nappy insert in place
  • Snap-in, snap-out inserts to make nappy changes a breeze
  • Double elasticized waist (front and back) and leg openings for perfect leak-free cloth nappying
  • Slim-fitting profile
  • Available in Unbleached Cotton, Bamboo and Stay Dry fabrics

How it works

  • Snap the Wizard Duo Cloth Nappy Insert into the Wizard Duo Cover
  • Simply replace the Duo Nappy Insert when soiled
  • Reuse the Duo Cover 3 – 4 times
  • Our one size nappy insert offers a great fit that grows with your baby or choose from our sized inserts to get that perfect fit.

Duo Insert

  • Snaps in and out of Duo Cover
  • Elastic all around for superb containment
  • The One Size Insert expands and contracts to fit the various OneSize Cover adjustments
  • Sizes to fit from 3.5-16 kgs.
  • Available in a number of  fabric options with different absorbency levels
  • Dedicated night time option available
Insert Sizes
  • Newborn: 2.7-5.5kg
  • Small: 3.5-8kg
  • One Size: 4.5-16kg
  • XLarge: 16-20.5kg

See our size guide here

Duo Cover

  • Only needs to be changed once every 3-4 nappy changes
  • Sizes to fit from 2.7-20 kgs including a one size option from 4.5-16kgs
  • High tech elastics around the cover and wick resistant binding make this nappy cover leak proof.
  • Opening at the legs perfectly suited for stuffing a booster between the absorbent insert and the cover. This is great for any time you need a little extra absorbency.
  • A double row of adjustable snaps across the front makes it a sure fit in each of its sizes
  • Available in a variety of colours and prints!


Cover Sizes

  • Newborn: 2.7-5.5kg
  • Small: 3.5-8kg
  • One Size: 4.5-16kg
  • XLarge: 16-20.5kg

See our size guide here

Night Time Duo Insert

The Wizard Duo has a specially designed nappy insert for night time use. Without doubt this is the best night nappy on the market. The Mother-ease super-absorbent microfibre inserts mean you get a lot of absorbency in a really trim nappy. Add a booster and this nappy is unbeatable. And on top is a sewn in stay dry liner to make sure your baby is comfortable all night.

We recommend sized covers for this nappy insert to give a perfect fit.


Insert Prices from $18.50

Cover Prices from $23