Wet Bags

*Now Discontinued*

Wet bags are your on the go storage solution. These bags are designed to keep your dirty nappies, messy clothes, and even wet bathing suits, separated from the rest of your belongings. Toss one in your nappy bag, and you’re good to go!
Our wet bags are made to last! These bags are made of a 100% cotton outer layer with an inside water proof layer. The wet bags can be washed at high temperatures for great hygiene and odour prevention. The bags easily pull apart to ensure hygienic washing and effective rinsing. Simply wash with your nappies.Designed with a mesh pull top to allow air movement which prevents the build-up of smelly bacterial odours!

Available in Small and Large, the Small size will hold approximately 6 soiled nappies and is designed for short outings. The Large will hold 10 soiled nappies for longer outings/daycare.


Small 28 x 33cm
Large 35 x 42cm

Price from $18