Fitted Nappies

One-Size-Fitted-Diaper-Unbleached-Cotton_1024x1024One Size Fitted Nappy– designed to grow with your child from newborn until they are toilet trained! Available in all of our custom knit fabrics and fits from 3.5-16kg. Each fabric will absorb 13 oz (385 ml).



sandys-xsmall-largeSandy’s Fitted Nappy– a sized fitted style nappy for a nicer fit on small babies. Available in 4 sizes: Newborn (2.5-5.5kgs), Small (4-8kgs), Large (8-17kgs) and Toddle-ease (16-20kg) and available in 4 of our 5 custom knit fabrics. The Large Sandy’s nappy will absorb 15 oz (450 ml).