Mother-ease is one of the most established and trusted brands of modern nappies in the world. Manufactured in Canada from custom made fabrics, Mother-ease products offer the ideal choice for environmentally, health and cost conscious parents.

About Mother-ease
Mother ease Cloth diapers was founded in 1991 by Erika Froese, a stay at home mother of five cloth nappied children. Frustrated with her traditional cloth nappies she was determined to design something convenient, reliable and leak free. Once her designs were complete and fully tested she set out to manufacture and sell the most innovative range of cloth nappies in the world.
Their fitted nappies are now offered in a variety of fabrics made exclusively for Mother ease that include Bamboo, Organic Cotton and a high tech Stay Dry version. Covers are made from a polyurethane laminate (PUL) fabric that took 3 years to develop and is only available from Mother ease. These covers offer leak free performance and are still an absolute favourite for many parents.

After time the “Wizard One Step” system was born. The Wizard “One Step” nappies go on your baby in one simple step. These slim fitting nappies offer maximum convenience and include the latest in textile technology allowing Mother ease to offer designs that no one else can.

Mother ease’s unique combination of innovative designs and custom made fabrics make their diapers different from the rest and are why their cloth nappies really work!